1. So I was supposed to draw a touchy touchy thor-loki version of Do you want to build a snowman, but I got lazy after coloring Loki and decided Thor can be a jerk in this one.

    Will probably draw the serious one on another day.

  2. A very quick doodle on how to de-stress with a puppy.

  3. Resharing this Avengers party song doodle.
    Was Captain America: The Winter Soldier good or what? :)

  4. Hello Tumblr.
    Here’s a quick doodle for you.

  5. said a dear friend who never left me.

  6. Can’t wait for Attack on Titan season 2!

    Doodle of Eren and Mikasa with their version of Do You Want to Build a Snowman.

  7. Someone’s hopeful.

  8. Hello work, hello hellish traffic, hello world of professionalism.

  9. Because no 13th month pay yet.

  10. Quick doodle of Elsa from Frozen!